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About The Author

Senta Maria Runge

Senta Maria Runge was a nationally renowned beauty authority and pioneer in the science of facial contour. After emigrating to the United States from Germany, she was inspired to write a book that captures her holistic approach to halting the aging process. Drawing on the discoveries she made as an actress and beauty expert in Europe, she developed a scientific formula of muscle shortening to maintain a youthful facial contour. The result was the groundbreaking Face Lifting by Exercise, which was quickly recognized by beauty industry professionals as the only method in the world for lifting the face without going under the knife. Shortly after the book’s release, Vogue magazine featured her in a cover story and a generation of Americans became contour conscious.  

s_circThrough her book, a television series, and acclaimed face lifting regimen program, Senta Maria helped millions to turn back the clock on aging skin. She founded a salon in Hollywood where the most famous stars of screen and television flocked to learn her unique facial exercises for retaining their youthful appearance. 

In an era where expensive and risky plastic surgery is rampant, Senta Maria’s natural anti-aging methods have proven to be as timeless and effective today as it was when the book was first released.

Her daughter Christine Runge is now holding the copyright to the book.

Order your copy of Face Lifting by Exercise, Senta Maria’s life’s work. 

“I do want to tell you again about the change that came into my life when my face returned to all its youthful contour. Of course, we all want to look our best, but when you please your husband so much that he raves and raves about the change in your face and throat – and what it does to your over-all appearance – then that it happiness!! I am 66 years old, and I am told over and over that I look 45. In fact, I have been guessed less than that!”
– R.R.; Calabasas, CA