• About The Book

About The Book

Beauty and Confidence – Naturally

Since its first publication, countless women and men all over the world have reported that they look younger today than they did ten years ago because they follow Face Lifting by Exercise.  

In just 10 minute-a-day you can: bookshot

… tighten loose throat muscles
… remove sagging skin from the jawline and chin
… lift and firm cheeks
… lift droopy upper eyelids
… firm and refresh lower eyelids
… lift droopy mouth corners
… remove lines on forehead, between brows and crow’s feet
… restore fullness to upper lip
… improve blood circulation to the facial muscles. 

In Face Lifting By Exercise, beauty expert Senta Maria Rungé presents a comprehensive program for understanding how to combat aging skin at the muscular level. Drawing on years of research in Europe and America, Rungé developed a unique method for awakening the facial muscles and the skin’s own healing ability to regenerate. Chapters include the causes of aging of the face, the beauty of contour, the principles behind isometric facial exercises and step-by-step instructions, accompanied by photographs, to firm and lift every area of the face naturally. Rungé offers a dozen easy to learn exercises with photos you can do to immediately reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and return your face to its youthful contour. This is the definitive book on reconstructing facial contour and a must-read for every mature woman or man searching for the fountain of youth.

Order this resource now to achieve greater confidence through a pleasing appearance.

“You are solving my problem! I have been 25 pounds overweight for several years. I am now 40, plus a few, years old. I have been so discouraged by my “droopy puss” that I would toss my diet out of the window preferring a plump face and tummy. I started dieting 2 weeks ago, inspired by your specialized exercises – and I am thrilled to say that I have lost my first five pounds and my face has better tone than before. My doctor will love you.”
– A.W.; Sepulveda, CA