Face Lifting By Exercise (12th edition)


With this 10 minute-a-day program you can:

… tighten flabby and elongated throat muscles
… remove jowls and pouches
… firm lower cheeks
… lift and firm upper cheeks
… lift droopy upper eyelids
… firm and refresh lower eyelids
… remove crow’s feet
… lift droopy mouth corners
… remove lines on forehead
… remove lines between brows
… restore fullness to upper lip



Senta Maria Rungé is the originator of facial exercises. She is recognized throughout the world as the definitive authority in reconstructing mature facial contours through her unique exercises. Her method was originally introduced here in the United States by Vogue Magazine. Senta Maria Rungé has devoted many years of research to the culmination of her scientific facial exercises as shown in her 168 page book. The step-by-step instructions are accompanied by over one hundred photographs. Results are guaranteed!